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InsurBanc is Now on YouTube!

It is with great excitement that we officially announce the launch of our InsurBanc YouTube Channel! We’ve created this channel as a place independent insurance agents can go to view educational videos on topics such as agency financing, cash management, trends in the industry, cyber security and other related content important to the insurance industry.

Currently, we have a few videos of original content demonstrating a variety of financial topics for the independent insurance agents and there will be more videos added every week. The short 2 minute to 4 minute videos cover a range of financial topics including “Intro to InsurBanc”, “Why Agencies Borrow”, “Cash Management Strategies” and “Business Email Compromise (cyber security)”.

We welcome you to explore the channel, SUBSCRIBE to stay informed, and to like and share our videos!

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Robert Pettinicchi Discusses Promoting Strategies to Attract Young Workers

In InsurBanc’s latest article for IA Magazine, Robert Pettinicchi discusses the insurance industries’ lack of promoting opportunities to attract young adults, and some strategies to draw them into the field. Young workers today are unaware of the benefits that a career in insurance has, one that provides flexibility and autonomy from a healthy income. So other than relying on family to perpetuate their agencies, owners should consider reaching out to a local college or starting an internship program to promote themselves to young employees.

Click here to read the full article.

David Tralka Shares 7 Risks to Analyze for Your Agency’s Safety

InsurBanc’s David Tralka recently wrote an article for The Standard, where he advices agency owners the importance of analyzing the risks of their business, and the steps to eliminate them in order for their business to remain prosperous. Often times, agencies are so focused on their clients’ needs that they neglect their own, placing themselves at increased risk of a cyber attack, etc. These are seven risks you need to assess to protect your agency.

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David Tralka Speaks About Productive Agency Debt

David speaks with Peter van Aartrijk on OnPoint about the current state of the M&A market and how to use productive debt to enhance your agency value and growth.  Simply preparing your agency for a lending situation will compel you to self-assess your agency and learn how to tell a good story to your bank.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

InsurBanc’s Robert Pettinicchi Discusses Why You Should Consider A Staged Internal Perpetuation

In Robert Pettinicchi’s latest article for the Independent Agent, he discusses in depth the factors to consider before selling your agency. A staged internal perpetuation is one factor to consider to keep control of the business in the family and maximize earnings. With selling, not only will you be giving up future cash flows, but also lose on a chance for a solid financial future by not widening ownership in your agency.

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