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Perpetuating vs. Selling

Farmington, CT (May, 2015) In Insurance Journal’s recent article, InsurBanc’s Chief Lending Officer Robert Pettinicchi discusses why agency owners should consider perpetuating their agency instead of selling as they move towards retirement. With valuations increasing, you may be considering selling your agency. However, with selling you no longer can benefit from any future cash flows from your agency. Economically, perpetuation can often make more sense. Click here to learn more.

ProgramBusiness.com’s newest article

Farmington, CT (October, 2014) ProgramBusiness.com’s newest article discusses the spike of agency acquisitions in 2014 and the important components of an internal perpetuation with industry experts from InsurBanc and Reagan Consulting. Click here to read.

Extreme Makeover: What Makes an Agency Attractive to Buyers?

Farmington, CT (October, 2011) Some agency and brokerage owners who would like to be courted have not made their operations particularly attractive to buyers – What’s lost on a lot of agencies is that every business decision you make, it has to be made with the idea: Does this build value or destroy value? Click here to read more.

Agency Perpetuation from the Lender’s Perspective

Farmington, CT (September, 2011) For insurance agency owners, a well-conceived and properly executed perpetuation plan is a great mechanism for harvesting the value generated through their dedication and commitment to building their business. Click here to read more.

Value Building Key in Agency Financing, Perpetuation, M&As

Farmington, CT (September 2010) An insurance agency must build value over time and if at some point the owner is going to look to harvest that value, he needs to nurture the business and run the operation in a manner that creates value. This value-building philosophy is the glue that holds the entire perpetuation plan or M&A together. Click here to read more.

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