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Insurance Perpetuation in Stages: A Lesser-Known Strategy

Attention agency owners:  what is your perpetuation strategy?  Does it include a possible larger payout over time, employee commitment and retention and preservation of your agency’s culture and legacy?

In this Rough Notes article, InsurBanc division director Scott Freiday discusses the lesser thought about strategy of a staged perpetuation. This option is a win-win for both the owners and committed employees.   It gives the owner the chance to leave gradually on their own terms. Employees with equity now have a stake in the game, they are in it to grow and enhance their investment.

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We’re Not Running Away From Brick and Mortar

Join the discussion on how one agency created a unique business model using brick and mortar and technology to focus on an underserved insurance market and to expand their footprint. Tiago Prado, BRZ Insurance principal, talks about how they cultivated an organizational culture that focuses on community and forms a framework that fosters growth.

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Deal Dynamics:  Identifying an Acquisition to Add to the Most Value to Your Agency

What is your acquisition strategy?  Connect real life examples from your peers, challenge your assumptions and enhance  your strategy.  Scott Freiday, InsurBanc division director, recently participated in an IA Magazine article which discusses acquisition strategies with Bradley Flowers (Portal Insurance) and Missy Kahl (Bickle Insurance). 

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Do Your Homework – 5 Areas to Research to Identify the Right Agency to Acquire

Acquisitions are a great way to grow your agency and increase your agency’s value.  However, “doing your homework” is critical to making a informed decisions. Read the latest article featuring Scott Freiday, InsurBanc division director, and Donovan Dunn, president of Roger Keith & Sons Insurance, as they discuss the 5 areas you need to understand to create an effective acquisition strategy for your agency.

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How Agencies Can Successful Manage Cash in Rising Rate Environment

In today’s rising rate environment, it is essential that agencies review their cash management strategy to optimize use of agency funds.  InsurBanc Director of Cash Management, Patricia Smith,  discusses the use of cash management sweep accounts to maximize earnings on idle funds in a recent Independent Agency Magazine article.

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The Bank Soundness Question

Join the discussion of bank soundness in the wake of the 2023 bank failures, what it means to the insurance industry and what agency owners should be asking their banks.  InsurBanc President and CEO, David Tralka, discusses the topic of bank soundness with Insurance Journal.

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Generations Coming Together

With a large pool of young agents wanting to become agency owners and eager to take the reins and agency owners considering exit strategies, now is the time to have the conversation!

Whether you are an agency owner initiating your succession plan or a 30-something year old ready for an ownership opportunity, join the discussion with InsurBanc’s Scott Freiday and Keith Mangini in a recent Rough Notes article.

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Using Tech Tools in the Fight Against Bank Fraud

Insurance agents provide security and protection to their clients on a daily basis, but do you know how to protect your agency from bank fraud?  Patricia Smith, InsurBanc’s Director of Cash Management, discusses ways criminals attack banking information and the tech tools you can employ to prevent fraud.

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Start the Conversation: Prepare for Agency Ownership!!

Listen to the latest Agency Nation Radio podcast with InsurBanc Division Director Scott Freiday and ECI Insurance agency principal Avery Moore as they share strategies and anecdotes for aspiring agency owners on how to get started early with proper planning and financing.

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