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Start the Conversation: Prepare for Agency Ownership!!

Listen to the latest Agency Nation Radio podcast with InsurBanc Division Director Scott Freiday and ECI Insurance agency principal Avery Moore as they share strategies and anecdotes for aspiring agency owners on how to get started early with proper planning and financing.

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Doing Succession Planning the Hard Way

Creating a succession plan can be a daunting task.  And when unforeseen events occur, the process can be overwhelming.  Learn from one agency’s challenges and have the necessary conversations sooner rather than later. Connect with InsurBanc’s SVP Scott Freiday and ECI Insurance owner Avery Moore’s conversation on “Doing Succession Planning the Hard Way” in IA Magazine with Peter Van Aartrijk.

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How to Avoid Banking Fraud at Your Agency

Banking fraud in today’s world is an ever present issue when insurance agencies are moving money.  In a recent PropertyCasualty 360 article, Patricia Smith, InsurBanc’s Director of Cash Management, discusses understanding how this fraud is organized and executed to put you in a better position to protect your agency.

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Financial Health of the Independent Agent and the M&A Landscape

Listen to the latest On-Point podcast as David Tralka, president and CEO of InsurBanc, discusses the health of the independent agents, the M&A landscape and options for agency principals thinking of selling – staged exits, private equity offers and ESOPs.   If you’ve ever considered a sale to a third party, Dave outlines how to justify selling internally even when an outside party offers huge money.

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